Several years ago we were commissioned to develop a call center solution with the primary task of maintaining normal operations in the event of a Natural Disaster.  Upon completion of the project, we discovered new innovative opportunities in Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technologies and as a result, the project evolved into internet and managed services.  During this time, a decision was made to separate the Internet Service Provider (ISP), Managed Services Provider (MSP), & and Telecom Services Provider (TSP) parts away from our other business of providing premise-based solutions.  We feel that this was necessary in order to build and expand the business process to form a new dynamic identity, AURAVOX.

AURAVOX is an infusion of an ISP, MSP, & and TSP.  The contributing factor of the success of AURAVOX is the utilization of the shared resources of the appliances and the services which spread the foundation costs and lowers expenses.

Mission Statement

We are driven by to two core doctrines:
  1. To provide solutions that will allow our customers to focus on their business model without concern of interruption to normal operations.
  2. To continue developing solutions that will have a direct positive impact on their image, management, productivity, revenue, efficiency, safety, & security.