AURAVOX has among the highest quality internet connections in the industry. Whether it is T1 or Metro Fiber, AURAVOX will help your company stay connected at the speed of business.

In today’s environment, your website, e-mail and internet access are critical to your business’s ability to compete. AURAVOX’s comprehensive yet simple internet services allow you to focus on your operations and leave the complicated details to us.

The current internet services offered range from T1 to 1 gig over any number of major providers such as Comcast, Alpheus, TW Telecom, & Level3.  In our current state, AURAVOX could handle up to 400 locations through our CORE internet facility located in Houston, Texas at Level 3 with very little increase to our foundation costs.  AURAVOX allows for the ability to offer lower prices and maximize the profitability, delivering the bandwidth directly to the customer and sharing the upstream.


Today’s business environment demands maintaining market superiority. AURAVOX Ethernet allows your business to dominate your industry by enhancing the speed and quality of your business communications. Speed without quality is worthless.

  • Delivers the real power of the internet with speeds from 5 Mbps to 100 Mbps. That’s up to 100,000,000 bits per second.
  • Flexible enough to adapt to any business need that can arise and is the method of choice to deliver high-quality, high-speed business communications. The benefits of having a quality internet connection translate to many business benefits.
  • Customers are able to successfully deploy VoIP technologies knowing that they will work as intended. AURAVOX  is a technology leader that specializes in delivering the highest quality service to our customers.
  • Gives customers the ability to maintain manageable network equipment costs without having to compromise on quality or speed.

Our customers enjoy the fact that AURAVOX Ethernet allows them to connect multi-site, fully meshed, intelligent networks that are secure yet flexible and fast.

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